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Welcome to d3data.net!
Providing data processing services to the publishing industry.

With over 23 years of experience in all types of subscription fulfillment, d3data's specialty is controlled circulation fulfillment. We possess robust audit capabilities and have been through countless BPA and AAM audits. Our audit reports are designed to mirror your audit statement. We provide as many iterations of the final audit report as necessary to meet your goal. Our expertise consists of manipulating files, adding supplemental data, title code and industry code dictionaries, goodness factor (insures the best records remain intact), and demographic slides so the latest qualification information is included in your audit issue. Simply put, we are data experts that can turn your database upside down and inside out, and make it all come out right in the end.

Have telemarketing and email blasts become your mainstay? You're not alone. We have standard telemarketing procedures to ensure you get the most accurate information from your telemarketing efforts. Eblast deployments are a snap for that last minute effort to acquire the last remaining requals in time. On-line Services allow you complete access to your files for customer service, reporting and downloads. In addition, files may be uploaded and applied to your database. File types include, but are not limited to, email bounce lists, title dictionaries, lists to flag as many records as you need.

d3data also designs web pages to meet your subscription fulfillment needs. We design on-line subscription forms and can set up API access should you prefer to do your own forms.
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